A brown blade of grass nestled amongst a plateful of rubies is being carefully scrutinized by a hungry cobra with a spanking new wetsuit on. Along comes a Bermuda turquoise ladybug and scares the cobra away, forcing the brown blade of grass to turn green.

A screeching red fire engine pulls up to a flower stand. Out jumps a woman dressed in a full length purple and green beaded gown, with orange pumps, no stockings. She wants to purchase a single daisy, a red daisy. “But there is no such thing as a red daisy”, she is told. She proceeds to paint the red fire engine chartreuse and goes home and plants a red daisy.

Walking down a white cobble stone road. Amongst all the stones lies a pebble that is blue with one orange dot, and one fuchsia dot on top of the orange dot. Bending over to touch the pebble my hair turns white and my index finger turns green.....except for my fingernail.....that turns fuchsia.

A gold pearl floats in a pond of green orange juice. There is a chameleon resting on a black lily pad. He doesn’t know what color to turn into.

An orange speck of dust is blown across a clear colored carpet. It comes to rest next to a fuzzy footprint. But the footprint is missing a little toe. In its place is a purple and gold thumb print. I think the orange speck of dust is a fingernail in disguise in search of its thumb. Why can’t it recognize that?

A pile of fallen autumn leaves rests on a chartreuse colored sidewalk. Walking along the sidewalk is a 95 year old woman dressed in a black dress, orange and blue polka dotted hat, gold gloves and white sweat socks. She said she lost her yellow earing in the pile of leaves. As she bends over and begins to rummage through the fallen leaves, the leaves turn a brilliant yellow and a yellow earing falls from a branch above her resting on her orange and blue polka dotted hat. I think the earing wants to be a polka dot. But which one? A blue one or an orange one?

A black raindrop falls from a turquoise cloud. It lands on a petal of a maroon marigold. The leaves turn white, the black raindrop turns green. The green raindrop gives birth to a gold petal. The gold petal floats upward towards a black eagle flying overhead. The black eagle grasps the gold petal with its claw. The black eagle flies back to his nest and adds the gold petal to his nest. The nest begins to sprout black marigolds and purple raindrops fall from the sky to water them.

Shimmering gold luster flakes fall from a butterfly as it flaps its wings. A single flake falls on a bird flying beneath the butterfly. The bird turns into crystal, falls to the ground and shatters into many minuscule pieces. One piece turns blue and floats back up into the eagle.

An arthritic old woman feebly walks up a hill paved with turquoise gravel. She wears a red scarf with one glossy black stripe in it. As she reaches the half-way point (up the hill) a bronze and fuchsia crane appears out of a puddle of mercury leaves. The crane enables the old feeble woman to fly, but she says “NO!” She enjoys walking up the turquoise hill.

Purple raindrops glistening like diamonds fall from the azure blue sky. One of the drops hits the black asphalt and bounces up towards the sky, changing into persimmon orange speckles with 

chartreuse dots. On its way upward, the raindrop gets caught by a passing (and flying) elderly gentleman. The man places the glistening drop under his cap and says he will return the drop on his next existence on earth. But until then, he wants the raindrop to remain safe until it is needed.

A glistening clear silk thread blows across a frozen purple lake. A man skating by notices the clear silk thread and picks it up with his left hand ( which is covered by a mazarine  blue and orange sherbert wool glove).Upon contact, the ice beneath the man begins to melt but the glistening clear silk thread transforms into a bronze colored 6 foot umbrella, propelling the man into the air and lands him safely on a nearby hill which is covered with pink and turquoise daffodils. The man likes the hill of daffodils but decides to become a gold and chartreuse colored sunflower.

A clear colored terra cotta pot rests on a sunflower orange basin. Purple drops of water leak out from the lime green faucet. A furry fuchsia spider lowers himself (from the ceiling) on an arctic white thread, descending ever so slowly until he makes contact with a purple droplet. Upon contact, the sink turns gold, the water becomes ice, and the spider is transformed into a sherbert orange and Maui turquoise ladybug.

A clear bead of water rolls down a matt black asphalt path. The matt black asphalt path is lined with 20ft. pine trees each possessing shimmering translucent aqua needles of chlorophyl. The bead of water hits a bump in the path and is dispersed into 5 harvest gold ribbons, each of which curls as it floats upward into the universe. The ribbons remain afloat until a silver and fuchsia grasshopper springs by and tells the ribbons they are needed back on the matt black asphalt path so that the path can remain a path.

A fire red ball looms over an arctic white translucent porcelain bowl filled with mercury. The shimmering silver beads of mercury say “There is no room in this bowl for such a fire red object as you.” to the ball.”We possess lustrous drops of cohesiveness not to be disrupted by your fire red being.” the mercury says to the ball. The fire red ball decides to bounce on the rim of the translucent porcelain bowl causing the bowl to tip over, thereby releasing the shimmering silver beads of mercury onto a brown hued carpet causing the mercury to disperse into single celled tears. The fire red ball says, “I can roll and bounce, you mercury, can only roll.”

© Don H Nakamura 2017-2020